10 Cool Ways to Reuse a Pizza Box

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Seeing as we care so much for the environment (we are nice like that) we thought we would bring you guys another post about recycling. But this time we thought we would teach you guys how to reuse your empty pizza boxes – a bro’s dream!

Beers and pizza – what more could a guy ask for? Let’s be honest, if a couple of guys get together for a few cold ones, it’s not going to be long until either the takeaway menu makes an appearance or a $1 pizza gets slapped into the oven – why make cooking harder than it needs to be?

The only dilemma then is what to do with the leftover pizza boxes. You could just bin them as you cannot recycle them like you can do with cans. Because although many pizza boxes have a recycle logo on them, the second they get tarnished with grease and food they become like any other non-recyclable household waste.

So what do you then do with these corrugated cardboard boxes if they cannot be let’s say broken down and remade into other pizza boxes? Well, we have 10 ways below how you can “reuse” them.

10. Pizza Box Gramophone


The chances are you will have some old vinyl records laying around the house; if not get your mum on the blower, she will have some. But the chances are you won’t have a Gramophone as they were extinct with the dinosaurs. Now we have a dilemma: We have vinyl records but no Gramophone – sh#t!

How about creating your own Gramophone using a pizza box?

A Gramophone works by a tiny needle following around tiny grooves on a vinyl record. The grooves on the record contain tiny bumps with cause vibrations in the needle. You can then amplify the sound of the needle’s vibrations using a cone.

Click here for PDF instructions.

9. Pizza Box Xbox 360 Arcade Controller


If you love your games then this next one is for you.

Just like the huge NES controller built from LEGO, this Pizza Box Xbox 360 Arcade Controller isn’t going to be an easy build and it will be more of an “eye-candy” piece than anything, but how many people can say they have an Xbox 360 Arcade Controller made from a frickin’ pizza box?

It all started with the release of Mortal Kombat vs. DC on the Xbox 360. A guy who refers to himself as “the freak” felt that the D-Pad on the Xbox 360 ​​controller was far from accurate so he decided he must take matters into his own hands. He decided to use a pizza box not for an “amazement factor”, but simply to allow customization before creating a shell. We personally would have stuck with the pizza box for the controllers permanent home.

Sure, you can buy Arcade Controller pre-made, but why wouldn’t you want to build your own using a pizza box? The original article is in German but we were nice enough to translate it for you: Here.

8. Pizza Box Laptop


A Reddit user posted a picture of a ghetto laptop made using a pizza box. We aren’t sure why this theory came a reality for one person, but we sure as hell love them for it. Maybe your laptop case was that broke it was falling a part, or maybe you just ordered the parts online and thought a pizza box would make the lads LOL, it doesn’t matter.

It would have been amazing to bring the pizza box laptop into school/college back in the day. There is just the problem of the laptop bursting into flames when it cannot cope with 10 minutes of play on built-in game Solitaire.

7. Pizza Box Solar Oven

If you can’t be bothered to switch on your microwave (we know how long that can take), but you have time to throw together your own ghetto Pizza Box Solar Oven. Or you have more money to waste on creating a Pizza Box Solar Oven than it would cost to buy a fully-cooked, new pizza then this project is for you.

Enough with the hate. There are actual uses for this solar oven so we can’t hate him too much. Say for instance you are going to a music festival or going camping and it’s going to be a heatwave then it would be more than useful. Just don’t make one if you like in the UK as you need a sun for it to work.

This baby can reach temperatures of 200 degrees Fahrenheit according to the video. As much as we love food poisoning, we would suggest not to reheat your meat feast or chicken pizza. Also, it melts cheese, but it probably won’t toast bread – anyone for cheese on bread? It would probably own as S’mores though.

6. Pizza Box Chairs


Have a Bro Pad but have no furniture? Well, no Bro Pad is complete without no home-made furniture. And what could be better fitting for a bro than a chair made entirely out of pizza boxes?

The pizza box chairs are made using 29 boxes per chair, with each pizza costing $5. That would mean it would cost $290 for a set ($145 for a single). If you are throwing a pizza party then go for it, if not it may not be worth the price and you will probably look like a slice of pizza by the end of it. Saying that, if you averaged 1 Domino’s Pizza a week it would take you just over 6 months.

Oh, if you are wondering about the structural integrity of the chairs, the dude in the photo seems to be sitting down ok. Maybe create one “just to look at”? Create a sign also saying “for ornamental purposes only”.

5. Pizza Box Rubber Band Gun


Thanks to the creatives from South Korean studio Argo9 we can all reminisce about firing rubber bands (elastic band) at our class mates. But now we are older we need something a little more sophisticated than our fingers as the firing mechanism. That is where your own cardboard gun comes into play that will be guaranteed to spice up any work place. So get challenging your colleagues.

Too bad we cannot find a download template or buy button anywhere on their page.

4. Pizza Box Basketball Hoop


This idea is such ingenious and simple that we are ashamed we had never thought of it before. We mean, come on, a basketball hoop made out of a pizza box that you place over a bin will bring at least 5 minutes of happiness to our lives after it’s built.

You know Mary Poppins would be a very happy woman knowing that you were cleaning up after yourself. And why wouldn’t you when you have a basketball hoop hanging over your bin? Just the awkward moment when you miss and then you have to go and pick it up to actually put it in the bin seeing as you are then next to the thing.

3. Battle Shots: Pizza Boxes


As the game Battle Ships goes we don’t think it’s the most exhilarating of game out there. But as soon as someone incorporates shots into the game then we are are all ears! “From now on this game will be known as Battle Shots!”

If you have never played Battle Ships before the game is simple: Simply draw a 10 by 10 game board on the bottom of the box using a marker. Then place shot glasses (around 10) randomly in the grid you have just drawn. Then draw another 10 by 10 game board on a piece of paper and stick it to the top of the lid.

The aim of the game is to reference a square on your opponents pizza box (with the same layout as yours, apart from his/her randomly place shot glasses). If you guess a square that has a glass they have to drink its contents. You use the piece of paper with the drawn on grid to mark of square that you have asked so you can keep track.

2. Pizza Box Football Table


If you ever needed a good excuse to order a Dominoes then this is it!

A dad wanted to create his son a football table because the World Cup was about to start. He ordered in a pizza (any excuse :)) and created a football table with the empty pizza box. How more ghetto can you get? We love the idea though.

What we found more amazing than the fact the football table was made from a pizza box was the fact that he also cut up chocolate bars and cereal boxes to make advertising for their pitch. We guess this is where them 200+ magazines of Kerrang! we have been collecting over the years will come in handy.

Instruction can be fund here if you wish to create your own pizza football table.

1. Ultimate Pizza Box Samurai Suit


You know what it’s like, a pizza shop is holding a competition and the winner will win…wait for it… a years worth of FREE PIZZA! Well, Little Caesars, a pizza joint in Virginia, held a Halloween costume contest and offered to give away the very same prize. Little to say, two guys got together and came up with the genius idea of creating a Samurai Suit made entirety of pizza boxes.

A week’s worth of hard work, research (yeah, research, their suit was based on a Gusoku-style armour that became popular in the 16th century) and a trip to their local Little Caesars pizza shop paid off for them.

Oh, it turns out “free pizza for a year” really means 2 free pizzas a month for 12 month. They should have gone with: “Win Two Free Pizzas a Month for a Year”.