About Us

Welcome all to UltimateTop10s!

If you are actually reading this then we are truly grateful. It is because of people like yourself that motivate us to create more top ten lists and without you, frankly we would just be bored watching YouTube all day long and servicing ourselves using sites that have “you” “x” or “hamster” in the URL – not many of you will get that.

What to Expect?

Expect sarcasm and then more sarcasm. We believe that it doesn’t exist enough on the web (dubalu dubalu dubalu dot…) and we are here in full force to enforce it.

Think of sarcasm as Van Damme and the internet as the Tree.

If you wish to be sarcastic to us in a comment then please do. It’s not like your Mum doesn’t love you and you are forced to live in her basement so you are forced to take it out on others. Only kidding, guys. We would love for you to comment and hopefully motivate us to moving out of OUR Mum’s basements. Anyway, enough of the basements hate. Basements are cool!

We initially started this site with the goal of writing top ten lists on everything we could think of, but after thinking that we didn’t really give a s**t about the top ten tallest building in New York we thought why bother. For that reason alone, we have decided to go down the funny route and bring you mainly funny top ten. Unless of course we could incorporate Van Damme into a top ten list – we would be all over that.

The top ten lists we provide are either opinions of ourselves or people we know or who write for us, unless stated otherwise.