Cher Lloyd (Sh*t Cover) – Angry Mom [ Video ]

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We won’t lie, a strong Scottish accent isn’t the best of accents (let’s hope this site isn’t big in Scotland). But for this video, it’s the perfect accent — can’t beat an angry Scottish woman! It would scare us put it that way.

It looks like two sisters are about to sing a cover of Cher Lloyd (they screw the beginning up, we would have deffo started again) when their mother walks into the room going off on one, demanding which one of them took a sh*t and didn’t flush it — it’s quite hilarious actually.

The video is titled Cher Lloyd (Sh*t Cover) which makes you think they would just slaughter the song. Although this is incorrect, the title is quite fitting.

We are sure Ray William Johnson will find this video in the next couple of days and take all the credit, but we found it first, Ray! You anal lick!