Müller Rice, Rice, Baby – Dancing Bear Advert (Video)

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Uploaded Date: Jul 1, 2013

This video got uploaded by Müller literally a few weeks back, so the chances are it should go viral very soon – if it doesn’t we have no faith in the UK public. Anyway, it should have gone viral in the first week as it’s the awesome.

We want this bear to be our friend. We would invited the guy over all the time for beers, pizza and movies all the time. We would never ask him to pay as he’s that awesome. We would even allow him to play on our Sega Mega Drive if he’s good. In fact, if we saw him slap a Van Damme DVD in, to then not put it back in its case, we may even let it slide.

We wonder what his name is? We reckon it would be either Brian or Nigel.

If you wish to sing a long, here’s the lyrics:

Stop! Grab your spoon and listen.
It’s humdrum grabbing your attention
Muller Rice tastes nice and creamy
With fruit that’s light and dreamy

Rice, rice, baby (Oooh)
It’s Muller, rice, rice, baby
Word to your mother!


Remember: Word to your mother!


Future Viral Video Alert! This video should have gone viral but for one reason or another it hasn’t. So spread the word quicker than you did with last year’s yeast infection and give the video and its creators the recognition they deserve.