Top 10 Bass Players Playing Dogs

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Do you enjoy dogs being tickled by human? Who doesn’t (we’re sure there’s a fetish in there somewhere). Well the new Tumblr craze for you crazy kids to hit the town is bass players playing fury canines instead of bass guitars.

Apparently, the first rule of Bass Dogs is: “You do not talk about Bass Dogs, except to all of your friends’, but then again, we don’t follow rules! Unless you guys are our friends?

Even the main man of the internet won’t tell us what to do, whoever that is? Wonder if one guy actually owns it? We bet he’s called Marvin or Frank.  Is there then such things as internet police? “We are the internet police! Drop the mouse and step away from the keyboard!”

10. Paul Rudd Jammin’ on Dog Bass


Paul Rudd is the man! If you haven’t watched the movie I Love You, Man then what are you doing with your life? If you have: “ASLAPPA DA BIASSSSSAAAH!”

9. Nikki Sixx Dog Bass


Mötley Crüe bassist, Nikki Sixx, can be seen jamin’ out on one of the worst bass dogs going. Who are you people paring up bassists with awful bass dogs? Also, as if none of you photoshopers didn’t get one of the bass player’s hands on the dog’s junk.

8. Steve Harris Playing Dog Bass


If you can’t name any bassist on this list then no worries – no one remembers the bassist. But you should at least know of Steve Harris and know he’s from the metal band Iron Maiden? If you don’t, shame on you, our friends.

7. Sid Vicious


Sid Vicious was the bassist for The Sex Pistols and he died in 1979. We were never into the punk scene so we can’t really comment on his playing ability, but when you’re making money who cares how hard your basslines are? We just love the fact his bass dog has a Mohawk.

6. Gene Simmons Playing Dog Bass


Gene Simmons, what can we say about you! Well, you were overrated as a bass player, your reality TV show sucked, and your online slot nearly bankrupt us. But Kiss were a huge band in the ’70/80s and he’s had more pussy than Tampax, so we guess he’s the winner.

5. Geezer Butler Playing Dog Bass


If you’re a bassist or you enjoy a bit of bass then check out some of Black Sabbath’s bassists Geezer Butler basslines. (If you hate bass then skip the next part.) The guy was no Larry Graham or Billy Sheehan, but his basslines are good.

4. Double Bass, Bass Dog


Look at the look on the dog’s face. As you can tell, he clearly doesn’t want to be there – unlike this cat. Bad look, dog, as you make the most amazing double bass dog.

3. Beethoven the Bass Dog


Not sure if this is a famous bassist or just a random black guy. But what we do know is the black guy is having a great time, and Beethoven is loving his life – as well as getting played, he’s also singing.

2. Lemmy Playing Dog Bass


“If you like to gamble, I tell you I’m your man

You win some, lose some, it’s – all – the same to me”. Lemme’s the bassist for the band Motörhead for those of you who are wondering – not our kind of band, but quite a few people do like them.

We feel he could have gone with a meaner looking bass dog really.

1. John Taylor Playing Dog Bass


Who doesn’t like a little bit of Duran Duran? Hungry Like The Wolf? Girls on Film? The band have some classics and John Taylor has wrote some really catchy lines for the band. He’s also got the coolest looking bass dog out of everyone on this top ten list.

Paul Rudd Slapping the Bass

We will now leave you with a scene from the movie I Love You, Man where Paul Rudd (an amazing comedian actor) is showing his fiancee how he slaps the bass!


Why hasn’t anyone made Mark Hoppus playing a dog bass? We think someone should get on that!