Top 10 Creative Ways to Use LEGO

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When someone thinks of LEGO bricks they usually think of either creating predetermined models due to the fact of using a kit, or creating boring yet fun designs of your own. Well, not anymore.

As you are aware, most things have more than one use. Take for an example an empty tin can, it can be recycled and turned into a sofa (don’t believe us, check it out). Well, same goes with LEGO. And instead of being like everyone else with their mediocre LEGO kits, why not recreate one of the following and be more creative when building with these little red and yellow bricks of fun?

After all, one of the fun parts of building with LEGO is seeing how far you can push your creativeness (usually to no avail). If that fails, we guess you could always do what Neil did of The Inbetweeners and see how many pieces you can get inside your ass. If we recall correctly it was 2 small ones and a big one.

10. Recreate Retro Game Scenes


A while back we create a post discussing how people have recreated their favourite retro game scene using LEGO, so it was only fitting that we started our top ten list here. So with that being said, why not recreate your favourite retro game scenes using LEGO? With so many classic scenes and games to choose from, and due to retro games being 8-bit and 16-bit so LEGO piece work nicely, you can entertain yourself for hours on end as you work out which piece needs to go where.

Make sure you take a picture if you do create any unique scene and get in touch with us

9. Create Jewellery Out of LEGO

Straight of the bat, we will say that creating jewellery out of pieces of LEGO isn’t our cup of tea. It doesn’t really scream masculine does it? But there will be you lot out there that will love nothing better than recreating a cross out of LEGO to stick around your neck. After all, it takes seconds to make, and you could always remove it if you got bullied for wearing LEGO (when we say bullied we are talking about a 27-year-old wearing the LEGO cross).

8. Your Very Own LEGO Wall


As you can probably tell, the LEGO wall is great to build for your children (although how freaking tall are they to stick those pieces that high). But, that wouldn’t stop us from knocking one together for our spare games room. While we are on the subject, they should have these in hospitals, doctors, dentist, etc for children, to make the places seem less daunting.

The only problem we would face if we had our own LEGO wall blank canvas is how immature we can be. It wouldn’t be long until the words “f#ck” and “di#ck” would make appearances on the wall.

7. Create Your Own Furniture


Friends Simon Pillard and Philippe Rosetti ­­– who are Parisian designers — took over 20,000 LEGO bricks, a week of their time, and created their own unique kitchen island that you won’t see in any shops. Although the island looks amazing covered in LEGO, it would have been a whole lot better if the whole thing was created purely out of the bricks.

The best part of creating your own LEGO furniture is the ability to customise at will. Take the kitchen island above, we would have preferred it to have more of a designer rather than random bricks, so it’s ultimately up to you as a designer how your final furniture will look.

6. Create a Lego Brick Firing Gun

How about creating your very own LEGO gun that not only fires LEGO pieces, but also reloads itself? Yes, a machine gun made using LEGO bricks! Although the shutgun looks way cooler, due to the fact that it didn’t actually fire we placed the following lower on our list.

Whoever created this functioning LEGO gun first probably ended up being grounded a lot as a kid. Although amazing, it takes the mind of someone who is unbalanced to think “you know what would be cool, a LEGO gun that fires real LEGO brick.” But we love the guy for doing so.

5. Fix it With LEGO


LEGO bricks can officially fix everything, and we have the proof.

Use the site Dispatchwork and you can see where members of the public have actually taken the time to fix cracks and holes in their city using nothing but LEGO. Although there is probably a law against this (someone has to spoil the fun), we think this idea is amazing and everyone should go around fixing broken and damaged buildings and fixtures using LEGO. Not only is it creative and innovative, it also shows how we can work together in repairing our cities. Although some of them should be knocked down entirely so we can be done with them.

4. Recreate Your Favourite Music Video

Think of it as recreating your own retro game scene but with a lot more time and dedication, but with a better satisfactory feeling once it’s finished.

There are literally 100s of videos online created this way (we chose Blink 182 as they are our favourite band) and as you will admit they are quite fun to watch as you see how close people got to recreating the original video.

If all else fails, these videos can receive 100,000 + views which makes you think that there could be money in creating them.

3. Create Your Own Shotgun Using LEGO

F#ck, we think this is the coolest thing we have ever seen made out of LEGO and maybe ever will. You have Youtuber ZaziNombies to thank for making this amazing piece using LEGO. As he says on his channel, “making your dreams come true, with Lego.” Yeah, the guy dedicates his time to creating guns and other items (Minecraft) out of LEGO – just think of him as the LEGO god.

Although we don’t condone robbing banks, you have to admit that it would be hilarious to rob one using a LEGO shotgun — we feel it would definitely be worth the jail time — but please don’t. We don’t want to hear in the news tomorrow, “local man arrested for trying to rob a bank with want looked like a shogun made out of LEGO.”

2. Create LEGO Key Holders


By simply using 2 pieces of LEGO you can create your very own LEGO Key Holder. Simply attach one piece of LEGO to a keychain, affix another piece to a cupboard and then marry the two together when you have done with your keys.

On many occasions have we needed to unlock the front door promptly (usually due to the postman) and we simply couldn’t find our keys due to laziness of flinging our keys in any location when we arrived home. But if we had our very own piece of LEGO we could attach our keys to then it would be a whole different ball game.

1. Create a Huge LEGO NES Controller

Creating your very own 5-foot NES replica controller is an achievement in itself, but LEGO enthusiast and Youtuber Julius von Brunk took it a step further and created a functioning controller that works like a regular NES controller would – now imagine using that to play Super Mario Bros. and your other favourite NES games.

The giant NES controller that you can see in the video is compiled of LEGO bricks, plates and tiles, technic shock absorbers and momentary push buttons from Radio Shack. And although it may not be practically and makes playing your favourite retro games harder than they need to be, who cares?

The takeaway from this article shouldn’t be to render the intended purpose of LEGO building useless, as it’s fun to do, but that you should think outside the box when playing with the stuff. In fact, let’s go even deeper and apply the same concept to life