Top 10 Drunken Yoga Poses

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Drunken yoga is the new way to perform yoga it seems, and the best part is you can have a workout without realising. Exercising isn’t the most fun activity and most people will avoid it at all costs. Because we all know we would rather grab a McDonald’s and play on the Xbox than break a sweat.

Saying that, we have broken a few sweats from eating McDonald’s.

Ok, you’ve just woke up and if your headache and your hangover wasn’t enough, you feel an aching sensation in your lower back. But wait, you only had a few drinks last night with a few friends, why on earth are you aching? Well, my friend, that is down to drunken yoga and we have 10 poses below to show a few stances that you may have recreated the night before.

The following top ten drunken yoga poses are not only funny but they are the most common positions that people pass out in that resemble yoga poses. So get ready to see some crazy positions the body can actually fall asleep in.

10. Balasana Pose


The Balasana Pose – The yoga position that looks like you are pass out anyway, due to the body facing the floor in a fetal position. Also known as the Child’s Pose, Balasana is a resting pose which is perfect to do between other yoga poses. But we think you will agree that it’s also a perfect position to pass out in. Well, your body thinks so.

9. Prasarita Padottanasana E Pose


If you have backache, want toned abs and wish to have stronger legs and spine then the Prasarita Padottanasana Pose is your friend. If you wish to pass out and you are dreading waking up to throwing up randomly then it’s also a great drunken yoga pose to perform over the toilet.

8. Bhujangasana/Cobra Pose


Apparently, the Bhujangasana pose is supposed to strengthen the spine, stretch the chest, shoulders, and abdomen, help to firm the buttocks, and it also relieve stress and fatigue. But, I am sure the guy in photo will not benefit from any of this the next day. He may also have a strange urine aftertaste in his mouth too.

7. Halasana/Plow Pose

Drunken_Halasana _Yoga_Pose

The Halasana Pose should be renamed to the Autofellatio Pose and the person who invented it obviously got walked in on by his wife and he needed an excuse. “Hey, darling, I am just practicing a new pose I leant called the……Plow Pose.” Since then the pose has been popular amongst the sexually experimental.

6. Virasana Pose

Drunken_Virasana _Yoga_Pose

The Virasana Pose has to be one of the simplest yoga poses we have seen and if you consider it to be one of your favourite then you suck at yoga – sorry. Apart from the obvious licking the floor position, this Virasana Pose is a popular pass out position.

5. Setu Bandha Sarvangasana Pose


If you are thinking to yourself, what the hell does that even say, then another name for the pose is the Bridge Pose. Never mind, it’s not a word that you will use in everyday life. Although, it would be sweet to kick it out once just to show people that you know your stuff. Anyway, you will agree that if an obstacle gets in your way when you are drunk, you usually just sleep on it.

4. Savasana Pose

Drunken_Savasana _Yoga_Pose

Just like the Virasana Pose, think of the Savasana Pose as a lazy man’s yoga. Come on, you could be casually lying on your floor in this position and technically you would be doing yoga. So the next time someone says “come on, bro, get up.” Reply with “shush, man, can’t you see I am doing yoga!”

3. Urdhva Dhanurasana Pose


If you have successfully drank too much and passed out in this position then prepare for a world of pain tomorrow morning. Unless of course you have a bad back and the reverse bend fixed it, but will highly doubt it.

2. Uttana Shishosana Pose


Uttana Shishosana is definitely a mouthful, so to me and you it’s also known as the Extended Puppy Pose. If you wish to stretch the spine/shoulders and reduce stress and tension then this is the pose for you. The drunken guy swears by it and just before he knows he is about to pass out, he assumes the position.

1. Dolphin Pose

Drunken_Dolphin _Yoga_Pose

As you can see, the guy is about to perform the Dolphin Pose on his bike. Although he isn’t fully in the position, he will be before his face meets with the concrete. The Dolphin Pose helps to build upper body strength so it’s definitely a recommended position to pass out in if you have had a little too much to drink.

If you and your friends are planning on having a few casual beers (which always turns into more) and you wake up the next morning in pain, you will know why. Oh, and don’t forget to take a camera as everyone loves pictures of people who have passed out.