Top 10: Full Names of Fictional Characters

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There are many famous fictional characters that we know by first name basis or by nicknames, with Scooby-Doo, Casper, The Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons and Barbie just to name a few. But not many of us know their real/full names.

It amazes us that we never questioned the full names of some fictional characters when we were growing up and we would just accept names such as “Arnold”  and “Casper ” as full names. But now we are older it’s quite surprising to find out that these fictional characters indeed had full names.

The name their mothers gave them or their “Christian names” as some people like to refer to them, we are pleased to share with you our top ten full names of fictional characters that many of you won’t know .

Remember: Memorize them all if possible; after all, you never know when one of the following may make an appearance onto a pub quiz. They also come in handy to stump friends with.

10. Barbie aka Barbara Millicent Roberts


If you are female then the chances are you will be well aware of the brand Barbie; after all, barbies are every young girls dream. Then again, even us males know of these plastic, over-priced dolls – some more than others if you get what we mean.

The doll that goes back to March 1959 may have been on every girls wishlist as a child but not many people know of her full name: Barbara Millicent Roberts. Her name was revealed in a series of novels that were published in the ’60s.

Oh, if you are wondering what Kens’ real name is (Barbie’s boyfriend), it’s Ken Carson.

9. Casper aka Casper McFadden


Casper — the friendly ghost — is the only ghost you would like in your home. The ghost-child initially started off as a storybook back in 1945 and later in 1950 made it on to TV – the character even had a comic book series. But none of these revealed his real name.

It wasn’t until the 1995 film Casper that we finally found out that Casper’s real name is in fact Casper McFadden and prior to his death he was in fact a 12-year-old boy.

It seems the ghost who inhabits a haunted house along with three other adult ghosts isn’t like other ghosts (who love to haunt the living) and is what made the countertype little fella so popular.

Oh, and if you want to know how Casper died. You will be pleased to know he died of Hypothermia after going sledging and staying out even though his father told him to come inside.

8. Comic Book Guy aka Jeff Albertson


The name “Comic Book Guy” was initially used by the writers of The Simpsons until they could decide on an official name for the guy. The story goes that they intended to name him on his first appearance on the American animated sitcom but after delays on deciding on a name the name Comic Book Guy stuck.

On February 6, 2005, Simpsons fans had an eagerly awaited surprise while watching the episode named: “Homer and Ned’s Hail Mary Pass” when in a conversation between Ned Flanders and the Comic Book Guy, the Comic Book Guy says to Ned Flanders, “My name is Jeff Albertson, but everyone calls me ‘Comic Book Guy’”.

Created Matt Groening actually wanted to name him Louis Lane but he simply wasn’t there the day the writers came up with his name.

7. Malcolm aka Malcolm Wilkerson


Malcolm in the Middle was first broadcast on January 9, 2000 and ended in 2006. Although Malcolm is the main protagonist in the series, the series is based around a family of six.

Malcolm is a genius and because of this he is placed in a class for gifted students. As the name of the show suggests, he is also the middle child. And due to his awkwardness of not fitting in at school and at home — as well as his ego — it makes for an interesting show.

For those of you who are wondering, the writers decided to reveal the family’s last name in the very first episode. In the Pilot the name was on Francis’ name tag: Wilkerson. His name Malcolm Wilkerson is also written on an exam paper in an episode.

6. Tails aka Miles Powers


Come on, everyone has played some of the games in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. So with that being said, you should be familiar with a Sega character called Tails who is just as big as Sonic himself in the franchise.

The 8-year-old fox with two tails has a real name: it is in fact Miles Powers and is a pun on “miles per hour”. The character who’s fur started of orange and then strangely changed to light yellow is Sonic’s best friend and sidekick.

5. Winnie-the-Pooh aka Edward Bear


Winnie-the-Pooh, also called Pooh Bear, started life as a series of books. Milne, the author, named Winnie-the-Pooh after a teddy bear owned by his son and the character Christopher Robin after his son who shares the same name.

Edward Bear is Winnie-the-Pooh’s real name and the real Christopher Robin simply renamed his bear from Edward Bear to Winnie-the-Pooh.

Edward Bear is also the name of a sh#tty band that were inspired by the program. As you can guess, if they named themselves after a kids cartoon then they aren’t going to be any good – their image adds to this argument.

4. Scooby-Doo aka Scoobert Doo


Believe it or not but Scooby Doo, the animated series, has been around for over 44 years – yes, the program first premiered in 1969 with the series Scooby Doo, Where Are You! We are all familiar with the Saturday morning cartoon: Fred Jones, Daphne Blake,Velma Dinkley, Shaggy and Scooby-Doo going around solving mysteries.

Scooby-Doo, the talking brown Great Dane, on the other hand isn’t his full name; his full name is in fact Scoobert Doo. Many of you will know that Scooby-Doo is known for his addition of the letter “r”s before words and his friendship towards Shaggy, but not many know his real name.

Oh, Shaggy’s real name is in fact Norville Rogers. All we need now is some Scooby Snacks!

3. Monopoly Mascot aka Milburn Pennybags


The chances are you have played a game of Monopoly – in fact more than likely you will own a board game. Have you ever wondered what the little guy with the top hat, suit and white moustache is called? After all, the Monopoly mascot is the main guy in the popular board game.

For anyone who knows their Monopoly trivia you may know the mascot as Rich Uncle Pennybags who first made an appearance on the Chance and Community Chest cards in the U.S. editions of the game back in 1936. But, a book published in 1988 called The Monopoly Companion named each character that was mentioned in the board game – Milburn Pennybags was given to Rich Uncle Pennybags.

Other Monopoly characters’ full names include: Officer Edgar Mallory who is the police officer on the “Go to Jail” square and Jake the Jailbird who is the guy on the “In Jail” square.

2. Arnold aka Arnold Phil Shortman

Hey_ArnoldIf you were a ’90 kid the chances are Hey Arnold! was one of your favorite cartoons as a kid – unless of course your mamma could not afford Nickelodeon. 1996 was the year the series came to TV and the animated television series was solely based around fourth-grader, Arnold, who lives in a large city with his grandparents.

Arnold’s last name was a running gag on the show where his last name was almost revealed, then something happening at the last moment to stop it from being said. But you will be pleased to know his full name is in fact Arnold Phil Shortman. Shortman has been mentioned in a few episode and in an online chat between fans and Hey Arnold! creator Craig Bartlett.

As much as we should be amazed that we know Arnold’s real name, what we are more amazed at the fact his so called “kilt” is in fact an untucked plaid shirt. Talk about destroying childhoods!

1. Woody aka Woody Pride


If like us you are a fan of the Toy Story series, you will be well aware of Andy’s favorite toy Woody. But unknowingly to many of us, the Sheriff has a last name and a few years ago Lee Unkrich, Director of Toy Story 3, took to twitter and baffled fans with the following tweet:

“Woody’s actual full name, never before mentioned, is… “Woody Pride”, and has been since the earliest days of developing the original Toy Story.

Unless you were fortunate to have worked at Pixar then you wouldn’t have been aware that Woody’s real name is in fact Woody Pride. And, the guys at Pixar decided to keep the little piece of trivia to themselves as there were no references to Woody’s last name in Toy Story 3 – just like in the previous installments.

As Woody’s last name was known from the beginning, we guess only the guys at Pixar will know why it has never been mentioned before. Our guess is that they felt his character wouldn’t have worked with a full name and “Woody” worked just fine. Either way, we will still sleep tonight.