Top 10 Funny and Bizarre Dating Sites

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Before creating this post we genuinely had no idea most of these funny yet bizarre dating sites existed online, so we hope you are shocked as much as we were.

As a few WTFs go through your mind — and hopefully a few LOLs — you just need to think that there are people in the world that sign up to these dating sites and use them on a daily basis.

If you ever thought to yourself that your step-dad seemed a bit weird and the story of how your mum met him, then we can safely say they probably met on a funny dating site.

What is even funnier than the post itself though is the fact that a select few of you will sign up to some of these sites as you think to yourself I never knew that site existed.

10. Meet an Inmate


There is a reason that prisons exist – to keep the bad guys locked away from society so we feel safe. Some of you however love to go for the bad guy, even if it means dating a guy who is in prison. Just make sure you know why he has been locked up. If it’s for killing his ex-wife then we feel the relationship won’t work out.

9. Any Single Amish


Are you known for simple living, do you prefer simplicity when it comes to clothes, do you love to ride horses-and-buggies and are you reluctance to adopt many conveniences of modern technology? That only means one thing, you are Amish. The only problem now is finding that perfect Amish man or woman in your life. But now this is a thing of the past.

8. o You Test Positive?


I am sure we are going to receive a hate comment, but you need to think that it’s ironic for there to be an STD Dating site. Maybe if the people weren’t dating then they wouldn’t have HIV in the first place. We are unsure about you, but it’s not the first quality we look for in a partner.

7. Wish to Date a Vampire?


We know there are a few twihard fans out there who would love nothing more than to be bite by Edward Cullen, but we have something to tell you…vampires aren’t real – or are they? We suppose it could be worse, you could prance around your living room while fingering your ring piece.

6. Are You Single and Own a Horse?


As weird as the whole cat dating website is, we can understand it. The whole nation is torn between cats and dogs and many homes usually own one pet or the other, but horses – not so many people own. But hey, if you are single and you find men/women who love to ride a horse bareback sexy then you now know where to go.

5. Find Your Sea Captain


The Ocean, with its bigness and blueness, it is pretty isn’t it. Well, we don’t really give a sh#t. Once you have seen a bath full of water then you have seen it all. But there are some of you who love nothing more than to travel the seven seas – in hope of treasure we hope. If you wish to meet your Captain Jack Sparrow then this is the place to find him.

4. For You Cat Lovers


Do you feel that Facebook is overrated? Do you feel that Myspcae doesn’t have enough cat love? Well, what you need is PurrSonals – a place where all cat lovers get together to talk about…well, we guess everything feline. So you know that creepy woman down the road from you who owns 50 cats? Expect to find her on there.

3. For you Zombie Lovers


It’s a fact; the world will one day end – probably by the explosion of the sun or a comet. But some of you believe that a virus will be the end of mankind. After all, there is that many films based on zombie apocalypses that the theory sounds viable. We just hope Will Smith is still with us when the day comes. Until then, you can always meet zombie enthusiasts.

2. Adult Diaper Dating


As long as it doesn’t effect others, we are a big fan of you should be able to do whatever you want in the comfort of your own home. And if one of those things happens to be wearing adult diapers then knock yourself out. If you are going to take your fetish online though, please create a fake profile, as your friends, next door neighbour and mum isn’t going to understand.

1. Should You be Smoking That


If you ever wondered to yourself where Jeremy Kyle gets his guest from then I think we have found the answer…you are looking at it. If you though it was legal to smoke then we suggest you don’t sign up to the site and discuss everything about yourself and the 5 plants you have in your loft.

Yeah we know, sites such as eHarmony and Match are overrated and are too generic when it comes to dating and finding single people, but are the above sites the alternative? If the traditional way of going outside to meet people just makes you think, psh, too easy, then probably.