Top 10 Funny Tumblr Moments

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The official definition of Tumblr is a combination of a microblogging platform and a social networking website. But to you and I it’s simply a place where everyone, including John down the road and his auntie Pauline, posts ever single meme and GIF that has ever existed.

Every now and then though a funny Tumblr moment happens that’s just magical. This is usually in the form of someone getting denied in the comments, but then again, these moments are usually the more creasable. Bring on the Tumblr LOLs.

Oh, and because we are badass, we capitalise the “T” in Tumblr. Yeah, take that! We won’t be a part of your system, “tumblr”!

10. Chris Brown’s Greatest Hits


No matter how we look at this we’ve lost. We dislike the generic pop singer that is Rihanna, but we also hate Christopher for getting away with woman bashing and for some reason making more money than ever. The again, we don’t buy none of their music so we don’t really give a sh*t. Nice Window’s Paint drawing though.

9. How Did You Come Out The Closet?


A dig that backfired. When did you come out of the closet? How old school! Should have gone with a momma joke instead. Or maybe even a girlfriend and a sandwich one. Nicely played though by own friend Andrew here.

8. I Want Some Ink


Come on then, how many of you parents would be fine with your 11 year old getting some ink? We bet your favourite programme is Jeremy Kyle as well – you have that bitch on series link don’t you? Probably a troll to start with, but the answer that “Anonymous” gave was brilliant – we bet Anonymous is so cool to hang around with.

7. Kill Your Shelf


Poor shelf, what did the shelf ever do to you? Yeah, prepare for grammar Nazis to be in full force on Tumblr. No one likes them, include us, but when one is armed with a copy of Window’s Paint and Google Images then we will make an exception we guess.

6. It’s His Lost. Not Yours


We have never seen a single episode of Lost as we have better things to do such as watch episodes of One Tree Hill or finger our anusus with spoons. But with that being said, we still got the joke as we are clever like that. We guess this was one of those time that using correct grammar would have paid off. Damn you, grammar police!

5. Wow! You Like Harry Potter


Haha, what a douche nozzle! If you are going to play the “you obviously have no friends” card then prepare to get your ass handed to you. We just wish we were this clever and thought about something as amazing as posting a Friends’ box set to a question like this.

On a side note: How many of you know that Dumbledore is in fact gay?

4. Are You Good at Photohop?


We do enjoy a good phoshoped image and we love them more when they are crudely done – thank god for you armature photoshopers! This joke is so subtle yet so clever. But on a more serious conversation: Who the f**k wants a picture of themselves photoshopped with Justin Bieber?

3. How Far Have You Gone With a Guy?


There may be some clever people on Tumber (with “clever” being used as sarcasm), but when you have an amazing answers as this then be as “clever” as you like. We think Comedy Central should be scouting Tumblr for new talent.

2. Can I Bear Your Children?


Yeah, that’s what you get! As you can probably tell, the first comment was someone trying to be smug. Just unlucky for them they got schooled. Children in Bear costumes, what’s not to like? Well, if you’re a paedophile we can imagine you are having a field day and you are probably enjoying yourself a little too much.

1. Hit Your Head on Your Keyboard


If only we all could be Tumblr comedians. Think the world would implode though. There seems to be a mixed message with the Twilight saga and although millions of you love it, just as many of you hate it. Imagine if you were obsessed for this to actually happen though.