Top 10 Funny Warning Signs That State The Obvious

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The whole point behind warning signs are to alert us about doing things that could be hazardous towards us, and if you value your life it’s usually best to read them and act accordingly. However, there is a fine line between hazardous warning signs and what we like to call “stating the obvious warning signs”.

We are sure glad that these funny warning signs exist in the world as we would end up doing some dumb sh#t throughout the day, and we don’t wish to look stupid.

On a serious note: The reason these warning signs seems to state the obvious is down to one of two reasons: either there are many secret comedians in the world, or someone was dumb enough to preform the act that the sign is telling future “not-so-smart” people not to do.

Either way, any excuse for a LOL is always a good one.

10. Sign Has Sharp Edges


This funny warning sign is obviously a troll, but we still found it appropriate for our top ten list. Imagine if the edges of the sign weren’t sharp though! We are guessing they are pretty sharp, but we wouldn’t say they are “extremely sharp.” We guess the joke is on them then.

9. If Door Does Not Open, Do Not Enter

stating_the_obvious_warning_sign_2 If door does not open, do not enter…as that is called breaking and entering and is frown upon in many places of the world. We are sure glad this sign exists as we are usually stumped when we walk up to a shop and the doors do not open. But then again, we then realise that we still live in a world where manual doors are still in existence too.

8. Do Not Iron While Wearing Shirt

stating_the_obvious_warning_sign_4 Do not iron while wearing shirt…unless you like the smell of burnt nipple. You know that one man out there has said “aint nobody got time for that” after reading the warning sign and then began to blatantly turn on his iron – bad ass! He is now known as Johnny “One Nipple” Jones.

7. Anyone Want a Chocolate-Covered Pretzel

stating_the_obvious_warning_sign_3 Not only will preforming action 2 in the above picture result in baby sh#t all over your hand, but the parents in the same baby-changing room will think you’re a pedophile – and that’s not a good thing. Unless, you like social services knocking on your door the first thing in the morning.

6. Don’t Feed Your Baby to the Crocodiles


Who are we kidding? We don’t know this sign is for crocodiles; they could be alligators for all we know. As much as your son/daughter would love to be taken for a closer look by you dangling them over the safety fence, they won’t be LOLing when they are getting their face bitten off.

5. Sir, You Have a Petrol Pump up Your Ass


Wait, what? Stick it where now? Okay, we admit that we can’t drive, but we thought that’s what these petrol pumps were for. We thought you had to stick them up your ass for them to work! We just don’t know what to believe now.

4. Caution: Balcony May Not Be Where You Think it Is


Thank god these warning sign exist or we would be f##ked! And there is us that thought this balcony was actually on ground level. Whoever decided to place this warning sign here has saved many people hours of aggravation and confusion and to that we say thank you.

3. How to Use a Toilet Correctly

stating_the_obvious_warning_sign_5 The last two are blatantly the best. Yeah, they are more for humorous reasons than anything. Or are they? We want to walk into a public rest room to find a guy with a fishing rod trying to catch something in a toilet. He will no doubt catch something but it won’t be a fish. And no we don’t mean that, we meaning something else.

2. Watch Out, Brick Wall Ahead


Put it this way, if you don’t stop you won’t have a car. In case you have not noticed it from the picture, there is in fact a white brick wall after the stop sign. It’s kind of hard to see. But if you squint your eyes really hard you can just make it out.

1. Don’t Sit on Fence, Risk Of Impalement


If you decide to sit on this fence then you deserve to be impaled. But what’s even more obvious than the sign is the fact the spike above the sign is a different colour which would suggest that someone at some point did in fact “sit on the fence”. We bet they won’t be doing that in a hurry again.

Just hope that the next time you’re about to do something dumb a sign is there telling you why you shouldn’t do it. And if there isn’t a sign present then go ahead and do it so they make one.