Top 10 Jean-Claude Van Damme Fight Scenes (Video)

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That’s right folks, we have indeed not only created our first top ten video list, but we have dedicated such a list to our friend Jean-Claude. Be hold, our top ten Jean-Claude Van Damme movie fight scene. Enjoy.

Video Transcription

Hey guys, welcome to what will hopefully be one of many top ten videos, and what better way to kick-start a series than the awesome machine that is Mr. Jean-Claude.

Jean-Claude Van Damme, aka The Muscles From Brussels, is known for his martial arts skills; which includes his signature roundhouse kicks; his craving for greatness, his thirst for revenge, and in the 90s he was the god father of action film.

So without further ado, here is our top ten list of the best Van Damme fight scenes. And in true Van Damme homage, expect violence, feet to the face and the ever willingness to avenge his siblings.

10. Expendables

With the release of Expendables 2 came a new addition to the cast: Van Damme. But this time Van Damme was scripted to play the bad guy Vilain. After Vilain kills one of Barney Ross’s guys, Barney seeks revenge and won’t stop at anything to track down and kill Vilain and his men.

9. A.W.O.L Pool Scene

Absent Without Leave, which also goes by the name Lionheart, follows our friend Jean-Claude who plays the role of Léon Gaultier who escapes from the Foreign Legion to aid his sister-in-law’s financial problems by participating in street fights. One of them being an arranged pool fight.

8. Double Team

After failing to kill Stavros the first time, Jack Quinn is sent to an island full of rebirth and presumed-dead assassins. With the help of friend, Yaz, he must escape from the island and finish what he was set out to do and finish off Stavros.

7. Street Fighter

Colonel William F. Guile has three days to lead his men into the country of Shadaloo and track down General M. Bison before he murders his hostages and takes over the world.

6. Replicant

Expect to see double the Van Dammage in this one as Van Damme plays two roles: Edward Garrotte, a serial killer who pacifically targets mothers. And a clone of Garrotte who has a telepathic link to the killer. It’s now up to the replicant to track down Garrotte.

4. In Hell

After Kyle LeBlanc takes the law into his own hands and kills the man who murdered his wife, he is sent to a Russian prison. He must then endure the hardships of participating in the prison wardens’ entertainment of arranged fights within the prison. One of the being against fellow prisoner Valya.

4. Universal Solider

Deveraux and Andrew Scott were both killed in Vietnam. The army however has other plans for their bodies and turns them into UniSols – near-perfect soldiers. But Deveraux starts to have flashbacks of his previous life and stops Andrew’s orders to kill innocent people.

3. A.W.O.L

The second scene for the movie Absent Without Leave to make it onto our list. But this time Léon Gaultier must fight Atilla, who likes to toy with his opponents in an underground fight organized by Cynthia.

2. Bloodsport

Kumite is the ultimate martial arts tournament where contenders are killed. Frank Dux, who has been trained by Tanaka, decides to enter the Hong Kong tournament, regardless of the fact that he may end up having to fight the defending champion Chong Li.

1. Kickboxer

Our number 1 spot had to go to Kurt Sloane vs Tong Po. After Tong Po paralyses Kurt’s brother Eric, Kurt seeks Muay Thai training from Zion. Eric then goes head-to-head with Tong Po in Thailand in order to seek revenge for his brother being unable to walk again.