Top 10 Products With The Dirtiest Names

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When you see a new product for the first time, you are draw to the name first. If the name is well-known the chances of you buying it are high. But what if the product is new to the market? How does it stand a chance? Easy! It gets stuck with a dirty name and viola, problem solved.

Not only would we be tempted of buying a product with a dirty name – if only for the novelty value – but we are more prone of sharing the name with friends and family. Then after you know it, it’s on the news. And you guys thought they made dirty product names to try and be funny.

10. So That’s Where People Buy it From


“Hey, Jon! You know that plant you’re growing in the loft? I have a way to shift the stuff” “Are you sure we wont get done?” “Don’t worry about it. This plan is full proof.”

9. Mmmm, Wait Until You Taste It


Nice play on words. But do you think people will buy it? I can’t imagine soup that tastes like it’s been stirred with a d**k tastes that nice to be honest.

8. The Best Kind of Goo


Send your husband to the shop to get some diaper ointment and the chances are he will come back with come Booty Goo. Come on, men, you so would – we know we would.

7. Soup for Your Mom


Hey, might as well go phone your mom and tell her they now have a soup especially for her. Well, tell her the soup resembles noodles more than a soup, but either way, it’s been designed especially for her.

6. Put Them In Your Mouth


Is this what the kids are eating nowadays? Liquid filled and extra sour; just like the real thing then.  All they need to do is make them fury and it’s a winner.

5. Say It Like it Is


Fancy trying a new spice mix to spice up your meat? Well how about a sh*t mix? Yeah, we wont beat around bush. It’s probably not the best mix in the world. Hey, at least we are honest.

4. Say What Now?


Nothing quenches your thirst like a cold can of Jew’s Ear Juice. It only takes around 2 Jews to fill a can so it’s very sustainable.

3. The Best Kind of Honey… Or So We’ve Heard


Damn! I’m currently a transsexual and there’s no honey to cater to my needs. What? You’re saying there’s actually a honey that is especially for me? Really? Oh, how times have changed.

2. We Do Enjoy a Good “Gaytime”


When it’s a very hot day and sweat is dripping from your face, reach into your freezer for a Golden Gaytime! We’ve heard that once you try one, you will never turn back.

1. No Other Toilet Roll Will Suffice Now


We will tell you what, if this toilet roll was sold at our local store, we would 100% buy it! Who wouldn’t? Say bye bye, Andrex, there’s a new roll in town.