Top 10 Pugs in Awesome Costumes

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Thinking about buying a dog but undeceive on which breed to buy? Well, we will make that decision for you and we nominate the pug. You may need to apply for a bank loan or remortgage your home so you can afford one. But think of all the fun you can have dressing the little fella up in costumes.

Apart from their high price tags, pugs are also known for having breathing problems but don’t let this put you off. Put it this way: If we paid $1500 for one and it died due to breathing implications we would get the c#nt stuff and slap him in the living room.

With that being said, here is a bunch of pugs in fancy dress that will make you want a pug more for the novelty. Just too bad we aren’t being paid on a commission basis.

10. Harry Potter Pug


“You’re a pug, Harry! I-I’m a what! A pug, Harry!” If all else fails then simply dress your pug as the boy who lived. School boy errors of the owner though. Where is Harry the Pug’s Z-like scar, and where is his wand? Could have thrown a wig in their too. Psh! We mean come on!

9. Pug Dressed as a Ram


Wow! Who would have thought a pug would have looked this amazing dressed as a ram. It wouldn’t be the first costume choice for our pug, but after seeing it we would think twice when deciding on a costume. He looks so warm doesn’t he. I bet he’s sweating like a bitch in the summer though.

8. Heineken Pug


This is the exact reason why we wish to buy a pug! Not only are beer creates perfect sizes for pugs, but you have a reason why you need to finish one. Don’t let the pug fool you, this is his happy face. Yeah, we know what you are thinking. He does indeed look great in a Budweiser box.

7. The iPug


The iPug, we love it! In fact, we will take 3 please. We just love the fact that the owner has gone through all that trouble of turning their pug into an iPhone – which comes with its own apps. The pug seems to be loving it too so stick that up your ass animal right groups who will probably have something to say about this.

6. Hotdog Pugs


You know an American did this, haha. Yes, that’s right, we are stereotyping you, Americans. What you going to do about it, huh! ;) We feel sorry for the pug who’s dressed as a hotdog with mustard. He looks proper gutted that he didn’t get the tomato ketchup hotdog.

5. Darth Vader Pug


If this pug wishes to turn to the dark side then let it be; we mean what harm could he possibly do? 3 hours later… Breaking news: Pug has hostages in what looks like an armed robbery. We have a few words from the pug himself: “Today a ban;, tomorrow, world domination.”

4. JCB Pug


Cheer up, Mr. Pug, it’s not that bad. Forget about a Caterpillar, when you could have a Dogerpillar. Then again, why not a “Pugerpillar”. Come on, Dogerpillar pug owner, it was staring you in the face. You’ve also got to love the LEGO man operating the “Dogerpillar”.

3. Darth Vader and Yoda Pugs


You guys love to pair up your pugs don’t you? The only problem with dressing two pugs up is that one of them always looks depressed in the photos as they know they ended up with the sh#ttest costume and to be frank, who wouldn’t pick Yoda over Darth Vader? Come on, the Yoda pug totally looks like he is standing up – where’s his body? What kind of sorcery is this?

2. Batman ans Robin Pugs


Although it looks like the first pug has clearly been smoking something he shouldn’t, he has his friend to fight all the crime for him – talk about role switching, Batman and Robin. In their neighbourhood they have a zero crime policy and won’t hesitate to act vigorously upon those who refuse to uphold the law.

1. Frank the Pug

Frank_the_pug Come on, we are compiling a top ten list based on pugs in costumes, you didn’t expect us not to mention Frank the pug from Men in Black did you? We can’t understand why he never made it into Men in Black 3. Does anyone care to explain? Look at his suit. We bet he gets tons of action wearing that.