Top 10 Things Filmed in Slow Motion

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If you have seen Movies such as Jackass 3.0 or TV shows such as The Mythbusters, then you will know that footage in slow motion can not only be fascinating, but it can be extremely funny too. I am sure you will all agree there just seems to be something special about slowmo!

As our eyes cannot process moving images too well and depending on how fast the movement is, something as simple as a blink could force us to miss it. But, with new camera technology (such as the Phantom camera) we can blink all we want. These cameras though have starting prices of a few thousand pounds. Luckily for us, there are people that film this sh**t for us!

If you haven’t heard of The Slow Mo Guys then you will be please to know they have a YouTube channel full of crazy things they get up to using a slow motion camera. Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, the guys in the video are called Gav and Dan.

Below are the best top 10 slow motion videos they have made based on views.

10. Axe Through a Deodorant Can

Views: 3,255,047

There’s just something about piercing a can of deodorant that we wouldn’t feel comfortable about. Just the idea in our head of either our hand blowing clean off or it exploding in our faces wouldn’t be worth it for us. You just know the two guys flipped for it and the loser had to axe the deodorant can. You will also noticed that the guy was wearing shorts – the machine.

9. Fire Tennis

Views: 3,535,121

“The bitches will love this!” What a guy! This is the sort of thing that Joey from Friends would come up with and we have to admit it looks awesome. In the first attempt you will notice the guy sets his shoulder afire which just proves that this could definitely get out of hand. But they then decide it isn’t dangerous enough and one of them wants a Hadouken in the face! Anyone for mixed doubles?

8. How a Hard Drive Works

Views: 3,633,825

Hard drives, we won’t pretend we know how that sh**t works, as we don’t. But when you think of them you need to appreciate the technology and craftsmanship involved in inventing them and creating them. Then again, if you couldn’t give a crap, at least they are cool to watch in slow motion. I wonder how many of you went “wow, I didn’t know that” when they said that hard drives were waterproof? “Mom, I need a new hard drive”.

7. Popping Popcorn

Views: 4,128,020

Just like an evolving Pokémon, the corn kernels explode into their true power selves. Here’s a little trivia for you: For those of you who are wondering where the “pop” comes from, the kernels contain about 13% moisture which turns to steam when heated which explodes the outer shell.

6. Cinnamon Challenge

Views: 4,169,837

Have any of you done the cinnamon challenge? We haven’t. Not because we have better things to do (which we haven’t), we just aren’t that stupid. There are literally 100s and 100s of videos online where you guys are attempting the challenge and even The Mythbusters tried it and confirmed that it can actually be done. I guess the next challenge to complete is the nutmeg challenge!

5. Rubber Bands V.s. Water Melon

Views: 4,645,303

What do you get when you put a sh**t load of rubber bands around a watermelon? Destruction that’s what! Oh, I guess we should warn you guys that you will probably jump while watching the video. Just like a game of Buckaroo, you’re not quite sure when it’s going to go off. The idea with the human head and the rubber bands, you just know it’s going to be in the next Saw film.

4. Mentos and Coke

Views: 5,014,775

Whey, they get a bitch involved in this one. Seems her name is Georgia. She’s never put mentos in a coke bottle before? She’s definitely lying. We reckon that’s all she does when she’s at home; she just cannot get enough of it. “This is going to be mega wide”. Just like your mum’s ass then? We’re on fire today, baby!

3. Droplet Collisions

Views: 5,221,054

We are not that fond of this video and we are unsure why it has received so many hits. But hey, if it’s your kind of thing you like to touch yourself to, we won’t judge. The best thing we laughed at was a YouTube comment saying: 2:01 DOG’S PENIS!!!!! Someone needs to make the video with play Enya – Only Time over the top.

2. Football to the Face

Views: 6,472,169

Now we are back to the good stuff! There is just something about someone else getting hurt that amuses everyone else. When we say “hurt” we mean something like a football to the head, nothing sick like a piece of wood through the face. This video is a perfect example of things being too fast for our eyes. At first glance it seems not much happened, but in slowmo you can see his skin ripple and move.

1. Giant 6ft Water Balloon

Views: 27,405,502

Over 27 million views this video has which means you guys cannot get enough of the exploding water balloon. We would love to fill up our own red water balloon just to be able to perform flips onto it – You have to admit that it looks cool. Can you imagine having a water fight and then coming around the corner with this beast? Presuming of course it was possible to pick up.

With all of this slow motion footage we wish we had our own slow motion camera as we know we could be entertained for hours just thinking of crazy stuff we could do. I guess we best start saving now and in 2015 we may just have enough.