Top 10 Things to Balance on Your Gran’s Head

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It’s a Saturday morning which means no school, but you have a dilemma: You are bored and all of your friends are busy (when we say “friends” we mean your only friend John). How about tormenting your Grandma? She’s old so obviously has nothing to do.

How about finding objects around the house to place on her head? That’s right, go and unplug the microwave and find that Dyson hoover, balance it on her head and then take a picture for proof. Great idea, right?

Well you’re too late. Someone has bet you to it and they even have a Twitter page showing you all the household items they have managed to place on their Nan’s head.

10. Pan on Nan’s Head


This is the only photo where the nan looks reasonably happy. Then again, why wouldn’t she? She’s got a pan on her head and who wouldn’t be happy with a pan on their head?

9. Toaster on Nan’s Head


Nan, cheer up for god sake, you have a toaster on your head. It would have been amazing if the toaster was plugged in and a picture was taken at the precise moment that the toast popped up. Now that’s a future picture idea isn’t it?

8. Fan on Nan’s Head


This picture is fan-nastic (yeah, we write all our own material). You could say the gran is fan-tasising about the day she tried to balance the ironing board on her head. Job at hand though, Gran!

7. Microwave on Nan’s Head


Now a microwave…now that’s hardcore. Only the best of the best can pull of balancing a microwave with so much conviction and dedication in their facial expressions. She may look like she has a face of disgust, but it is in fact her concentration face.

6. Laptop on Nan’s Head


That granny is balancing that laptop like a boss. When grandma comes round ain’t no one allowed to surf the internet as the laptop always ends up on her head. Can you imagine if the household had a PC and not a laptop.

5. Squirrel on Nan’s Head


Doesn’t grandma look happy with that squirrel on her head? It would have been amazing to see the dog their instead, but we can’t always get what we want.

4. Hoover on Nan’s Head


Hmmm! either hoover the living room, or simply chill out with a cup of tea while simultaneously trying to balance the vacuum cleaner on your head? Tough call, we know. But in the end the balancing while drinking tea will always win, hands down.

3. Kettle on Nan’s Head


Oh dear, looks like someone has fallen to sleep. How can you fall asleep when you’re having so much fun balancing things on your own head, Gran? We guess all that bingo throughout the day has got to take its toll on you at some point.

2. Tin of Paint on Nan’s Head


When trying to balance things on your gran’s head for the first time, it’s best to start small and work your way up to bigger things – it takes years of practice to work your way up to balancing a hoover. So for that reason a tin of paint is a great starting point.

1. Ironing Board on Nan’s Head


“Hey sweetie! Do you mind ironing me a shirt for work tomorrow?” “Sorry darling! Nan’s got the f***ing ironing board on her head again hasn’t she.”