Top 10 What Could Possibly Go Wrong Moments?

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Every so often, you come across someone when you’re out and about and they either do something stupid, or you can tell they are just about to, and you cannot help but think what are/were you thinking?

What possibly could go wrong, these people say to themselves and half of the time they are extremely lucky and they don’t get injured? In fact, even worse, they pull whatever they were doing off and they make it look like a skill. But you think to yourself, if you did the exact same your face would have impregnated itself into the pavement.

I guess we will never know if the following what could possibly go wrong pictures ended with a trip to the A&E, or if the people are talented at being stupid. All we can do is show you some of the best ones we came across that should have instantly failed. In fact, the idea in the person’s head should have put them off instantly. That, or they have brain damage from past what could possible go wrong ideas.

10. Sit on my Finger, Officer


5-O, Bacon, Fuzz and Po-po – the police are known by many names and many people have mixed opinions about them. But what we do know is, it is never a great idea to give one the finger – unless of course you wish for a reason for police brutality.

9. Who Needs a Ladder?


We have been there before: You need a ladder for something — let’s say to reach the attic — and you don’t have a pair, so you think about creating a tower out of house items. It has failed written all over it – trust us. What makes this painter’s situation worse though is the fact that he decided to stack plastic paint tins to stand on.

8. Don’t Even Think About it, Dear


This is definitely one of those don’t even think about it moments. But the idea is in your head and you are unsure whether to take your chance while you can. As after all, this is a moment that videos games have trained you for. In GTA it seemed so easy, but the chances are it won’t end the same way in real life.

7. One Bike, One Family


A standard car can seat 5 people – 3 in the back and 2 in the front. Anything over this is illegal. Trying to get 6 people on a motorbike is not only dangerous and illegal, but we didn’t think it was even possible. How do they manage to stop at traffic lights and balance all that weight? Also, if we were the kid in the blue shirt, we would definitely be sh***ing ourselves. “Dad, do you think that is a good idea?”

6. Dude, I just Had an Amazing Idea


When you have had a few beers then ideas usually end up failing. Sure, at the time they sound amazing, but they usually entail you almost dying or breaking your neck. Thumbs up to the guy though, even though it’s definitely a what could possible go wrong moment, it looks amazing and he pulled it off well.

5.Skis, Pick Up Tuck and Water


At least the guys made use of the flooding and it does look like fun. We are just a little concerned with the fact that they seem to be on a road, the car coming in the background and the fact the skier is on the wrong side of the road. What could possible go wrong? 10% chance of death, 30% chance of getting injured and 60% chance for fun – we will take them odds.

4. Do You Think This is Safe, Bro?


We have joined gyms before and used multiple gym equipment, but at no point have we ever seen a guy trying to squat a barbell while balancing on a medicine ball. To make it worse, it looks like the other guy helping could be a sparring partner. Between them they should have thought “I don’t think this is a good idea.” Who knows, maybe at that gym, that’s how they role.

3. Timber, Anyone?


OK, each to their own, but we personally would sit on the other side of that saw-line he has just created. If not, we would definitely be waking up with either a massive headache, or even worse…3 weeks later. We wonder if the guy was puzzled for ages as he figured out which side of the line he needed to sit on to be safe.

2. Off to the Airport


You know what it’s like: You only have a motorbike and you need to bring something with you that won’t fit inside your tiny compartment on your motorbike. It looks like these guys have the right idea. As long as it has wheels such as a suitcase then away you go. We just don’t think the police will think the same somehow though.

1. What’s an Elevator?


Do you think this chick has ever heard of an elevator? Maybe her religion is against them. She may even believe that elevators are for pussies and real women use escalators, no matter what. Whatever her reason, she is extremely lucky that she didn’t kill herself and everyone else behind her. I bet people were going to get on behind her, but waited until she got off.

The next time you have a brainwave, think to yourself what could possibly go wrong. Otherwise you may end up seeing yourself on a future top 10 list of ours.