Top Ten Funny Yet Inappropriate Shop Names

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Inappropriate, funny, creative and dirty are just a few names for the following top ten funny shop names. But what they all have in common is the ability to make us laugh as we wonder what they were thinking.

All we know is that some people had some fun while coming up with these names as most of them appear to be intentional. We can imagine it now: An owner of one of the shops held a meeting as he wanted to change the shop name from “Antony’s Angling”. Then one of his employs suggested picking names from a hat (big mistake). And to make a long story short, the shop from then on was called “Master Bait & Tackle”.

With that in mind, here is our top ten list that would make Christina Aguilera who is “too dirty to clean her cloths” go and turn her washing machine on and fish out the detergent.

We just hope that more inappropriate store names are made in the future.

10. Funny Shop Name


You got your crabs from where? There is a fine line between food and toilet humour and personally when we are eating we would prefer no line at all. That being said, this crab house isn’t even in the same country as ours, so we can laugh while you eat your crabs from Dirty Dick’s Crab House. It could be worse; they could be from your Aunty Pauline.

9. Funny Shop Name


You can tell this fishing tackle shop would be a fun place to work – the chick in the picture thinks so. A great play on words as I am sure you will agree. We aren’t sure how some of these people come up with such creative shop names, but keep up the great work. We wonder if there are jobs going where the description is in fact to make up funny and absurd shop names and signs.

8. Funny Shop Name


Something a porn star would shed a tear for if she heard her daughter come out with this phrase. With a name like that and also the promise to beat their top competitors by 10%, business should be booming. “Hey Dumploads, my next door neighbour John said he would remove this rubble in my yard for $50, can you beat it by 10%?“

7. Funny Shop Name


Another foreign shop name that sounds dirty to us, but probably not in the native language it was written it. It is also one of two funny shop names that are anglers based which must mean that fishermen have the most fun.

6. Funny Shop Name


Although most of these funny shop signs were intentional and a play on words, we reckon this one definitely wasn’t. In fact, read the sign to yourself and depending on how you read it will depend on if you have a sense of humour or not. We just feel sorry for the owner of the shop when he finally realised his mistake. Just one tiny space would have solved the issue too.

5. Funny Shop Name


You know you are immature when you laugh at foreign sign names as they sound rude when you read them, and we are the exact same. Although, we did use a German translator and “Butt Markt” came out as “Butt Market” in English. We hated German in school so we didn’t pay attention, so do we have any people who can speak German to clarify if this translation is correct?

4. Funny Shop Name


Wow, it had to be a religions store didn’t it – double the LOLs. We are sure the term “glory hole” may mean something in the terms of religion, but the kind we are thinking about has nothing to do with Jesus and Co.

3. Funny Shop Name


The Heineken sign and the style of the main sign would imply that this is a pub. Tell you what though, if it was a pub, we would certainly drink there. Unless the sign isn’t a joke and the pub is in fact full of grumpy old men who look at anyone who enters their pub domain like you have just taken a turd on their face.

2. Funny Shop Name


A hardware shop that has a sense of humour – what has the world come to? We lie; we love the fact that businesses such as this have a sense of humour and have named their shop using a play on words. I am sure a small portion of you think this is disgraceful (especially if the shop is located in your town), and if you do, lighten up. This is the reason why you have no friends.

1. Funny Shop Name


We think that this pet shop sign is amazing. It draws the line between having no business, either because of a protest or unhappy locals, and having business booming, because of the news coverage the store gets due to its funny name. If all else fails, at least there is a shop where your Mum is welcome.

There will be 100s of undiscovered shop names out there waiting to find their way online – in fact dreaming to. Their lifelong ambition is to be internet famous. Please allow their dream to be reality and let us know of any funny or dirty shop names near you.